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A company is a separate existence from the people working for it, carrying its own name and reputation in the commercial world. The name by which it is known can be later changed by its managerial board, in order to achieve aims such as highlighting a change in business models, or as an attempt at rebranding, amongst others. However, before such change can be affected, a board resolution must be passed to the same effect, with approval from its shareholders. With a change company name, the preexisting regulations for names of corporate vehicles still apply. A definitive procedure has been put in place by the Registrar of Companies, and while a successful application changes the name, thus requiring an amendment of the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association, the company’s assets and liabilities remain the same.

Whal all are required:

Details Required

Following details are required for change in name of company:-

[Our Professional Fees: INR 7999*/- onwards]


*Professional fee for change the name of Private Limited Company having turnover less than Rs 10 Lakh. Fee may be vary on the basis of types of companies, paid up, turnover or place of registered office.

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